Light Shows

Bring an amazing experience to your parking lot!

Note: We are not taking on new partnerships for 2022 at this time,
please check back in 2023. 


Create an out-of-the-box Christmas experience for your community!

With over 15 years of metric-based results, Cargo Shows helps drive community engagement.


Compared with high-end light display companies, Cargo Shows offers a more affordable solution. Our metrics show that animated light shows will reach more people than indoor Christmas productions. About 70% of those who drive onto your parking lot have never been inside your building!


The uniqueness and wow factor of the event is what attracts your community. Instead of making your existing event bigger or higher quality, do something new to reach new people. This isn’t your vintage grandfather’s light display — this is a fully synchronized animated light experience set to music at every moment.


Each installation is customized with your location and needs in mind. Hardware, programming, and traffic layouts are designed for future scalability. We help you create experiences that will WOW your community!


Project management and guided installations are our specialty. We make sure the process of putting together the show is just as amazing as the show itself. One of our goals is to make your team look forward to this event each year.


Beyond the show — the event needs to produce results. We gain metric-based analytics from those who attend your event. Want to know if you’ve reached your target audience? We help you learn how to use what is revealed to get your community from the street to the seat.

What others are saying!

Don’t take our word for it – here are some stories of others!

I had the privilege of working with Bryan Nelson on the light show for 5 years. This event had many moving parts that required hundreds of volunteers, yet Bryan led our team to execute this event with a precision I have scarcely seen in an outreach event of this magnitude. The preparation for the event was unifying and culture building.  Bryan developed metrics to determine if we were reaching the unchurched vs. providing entertainment. He knew how to measure the “win” for the event to know what would need to be adjusted for the following year. But most of all, every year I was amazed at the number of families who would trickle into our organization for the very first time weeks and months after the event telling us that it was “the light show” that got them thinking about coming to church again.

Tim Overby


The light shows are super unique in their ability to draw in a crowd and engage them in ways that very few events are able to do. Bryan’s ability to lead a team and execute an idea from start to finish is top notch. The progression of the lights and technology each year only made the shows more engaging. Bryan also understands that events like this need to have measurable outcomes and be a win-win for customer and guests. He comes up with fun and creative ways to measure the effectiveness of the event, giving the organization presenting the show to make informed decisions about future events and activities.

Dustin Fluke


The Christmas Light show started as a wild, out-of-the-box creative idea but overnight became a fixture for our church and one of the best things we did, both for our church community and as an outreach to our entire city. Every year there was a buzz and excitement over what the light show would offer the community, and yet internally we understood what a tremendous opportunity this was for exposure to God’s love and truth for so many that would never darken to door of a church. Bryan’s creativity and commitment to excellence are unparalleled and created an unmatched event that became a cultural phenomenon! He leads with a perfect blend of adventure and risk-taking, alongside a detail-oriented faithfulness to the big and little things!

Scott DeSanders


The light show is one of the most unique and entertaining experiences I have ever been able to be a part of. It’s a fantastic opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through dazzling Christmas light displays and impressive musical performances. It has the potential to draw thousands of unchurched families each year, exposing them to the Love of Jesus without them ever having to leave the comfort of their own vehicle.

Ben Salzmann


During the pandemic of 2020, we knew our in house Christmas production was not going to work. Bryan and his team walked us through every step as we changed our focus to an outdoor Light Show. Over 4,400 people heard the gospel through this creative concept that we have permanently placed in our yearly Christmas outreach.

Chris Mason


Light up your community!